Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Announcing Uppercut.js

uppercut.js is a collection of classes, bindings, and helpers that extend knockout.js. Over the course of the last few years I have spent a large amount of time working on or with Knockout.js. There are features and helpers that I personally wish it had that do not make sense as part of the library as a whole. This is either because it would increase dependency scope, requiring Jquery, or because they are to opinionated about... more

Creating a custom power supply for a Printrbot

Recently we acquired a printrbot metal plus 3D printer at the CenturyLink Cloud office (we have a small group of makers here). I wanted to add a heated bed but this upgrade requires more current than the default laptop style power supply that was supplied. more

Using Multiple Backgrounds for Animated Icons

See how you can use multiple CSS backgrounds to create a small neat loading animation. more

Knockout.js Trackable Observable

Here is another common helper function/type that I use frequently. I often find myself writing edit forms with knockout and it seems that I always want to have a cancel button on those edit forms. TrackableObservable tracks its original value so that you can call the reset and it will revert back to the original value. I have seen a few implementations of this type but they all seemed to wait for a “commit” action... more

JSHint Visual Studio Error Formatter

If you don’t know what JSHint and/or JSLint is and you write any javascript then do yourself a favor and stop reading this article and go figure that out now. The short descriptions is, JSHint/JSLint is a code review tool that will mock all your hard work, make you cry, and it’s frequently used by sadomasochists. If you have taken the time and care to get JSHint up and running in your builds that’s awesome but you’ve... more