Everything you wanted to know and a bit more.

Software Develoment

I am a full stack developer focusing primarily on web technologies with a passion for user experience design. I am a firm believer in Open Source software and Agile software development.


Pebble is an open source react-based design system, based on atomic design, built For and by iStreamPlanet.

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I contributed to versions 3.5, 4, and 4.5 as well as MVC versions 2, 3, and 4.


I contributed to the first version of NuGet, package browsing website, and markdown documentation site.

Azure Portal

I contributed to the version 2 of the Azure Portal, which was pure HTML/JS/CSS.


Cyclops is an open source pattern library, based on atomic design, created for use at CenturyLink Cloud.

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Atlas is a library that adds business logic on top of the Cyclops pattern library, created for use at CenturyLink Cloud.

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User Experience

Through out my journey in my professional career a passion of mine has been how users interact with software or user experiences. Too often powerful software becomes difficult to use and unavailable to the masses because the developers do not take the time to stop and think about the diverse group of people that will be using it.

Software, just like any other entity you interact with, should and does invoke an emotional response. Sometimes that response is joy and some times it is anger. As developers it is our job to make sure the response is one of joy not anger.

To often the little things go unnoticed or are simply not fixed in user experiences. These little things add up like a thousand tiny paper cuts to invoke an emotional response from a user. Why is that people says apps suck five minutes after downloading them? Most of the time it’s the little things.


During my career one thing I have always enjoyed has been to give presentations. I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others perhaps that’s why I also enjoy sharing my code via open source. I enjoy everything from the big stages at conferences like //BUILD to the lunchroom brown bags at the office.

You can see a collection of all my presentations, brown bags, and talks here.


A hobby I have picked up over the years has been photography. Now don’t confuse my confession of interest as a statement that I am any good. I am, in every sense of the word, an amateur. However, I do enjoy it and like to share my work.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots the rest can be viewed on my profile on 500px.com

Lower Antelope Caynon Second Beach Horseshoe Bend Emerald Falls

Father & Husband

If I had two words to describe myself they would be Father and Husband. Both titles that carry a tremendous amount of honor and pride for me.

I am a husband to my wife Holly and a father to my daughter Ava. I’ll spare you the details of but if you’d like to know more about how Holly and I met have a look at hollysaidyes.com.


You haven’t heard about CrossFit, let me tell you about CrossFit.

I won’t drag on and on about CrossFit but it has drastically changed my life. Long story shorty I was well on my way to becoming just another over weight border obese American statistic when I found CrossFit. I have since lost over 100 pounds of fat and gained 40 pounds of lean muscle. If you would like to know more I did a guest post on my wife’s blog.


The maker movement bug recently bit me and bit me hard. I always loved to take things apart and see how they were made much to the dismay of my parents because I was never very good and putting them back together.

Recently I have been trying my hand at 3D printing, laser cutting, circuit design, and other random marker type things. Keep an eye on my blog for maker posts.