Announcing Uppercut.js

Posted by Matthew on September 4, 2015

uppercut.js is a collection of classes, bindings, and helpers that extend knockout.js. Over the course of the last few years I have spent a large amount of time working on or with Knockout.js. There are features and helpers that I personally wish it had that do not make sense as part of the library as a whole. This is either because it would increase dependency scope, requiring Jquery, or because they are to opinionated about how to preform a certain action.

uppercut.js is just starting out and I’m slowly gathering up all the bits and pieces I have scattered across all my different projects and making some of them more modular. I’ll be posting a road map up to github soon but it’s mainly getting all the common bindings and helper classes I used moved over, then moving to support AMD.

You can install uppercut.js using either bower bower install uppercut or with NuGet nuget install uppercutjs. For more information and example of everything avalible head over to the uppercut.js github page, but here are a few quick examples of some of my favorite stuff