Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Distributed Team Tip Webcams

Now that I’ve been working in a distributed team for over a year I felt that I could start sharing some of my insights that have helped me start productive and engaged with the team. more

Joining Conga

Today I’d like to announce that I’ve joined Conga. I will be focused on improving the UI/UX and making their breadth of product offerings feel more like on cohesive unit. more

Making A Fallout 4 Prop

I've always be interested in models / prop / knick knacks I was just never really pursued this interest much. Recently I have been watching several YouTube series that cover prop making and weather. It has really been very interesting to me, perhaps it is the attention to detail and getting the prop just right. Never the less I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making a prop. I deiced to start... more

Announcing Uppercut.js

uppercut.js is a collection of classes, bindings, and helpers that extend knockout.js. Over the course of the last few years I have spent a large amount of time working on or with Knockout.js. There are features and helpers that I personally wish it had that do not make sense as part of the library as a whole. This is either because it would increase dependency scope, requiring Jquery, or because they are to opinionated about... more

Creating a custom power supply for a Printrbot

Recently we acquired a printrbot metal plus 3D printer at the CenturyLink Cloud office (we have a small group of makers here). I wanted to add a heated bed but this upgrade requires more current than the default laptop style power supply that was supplied. more